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Business Owner Benefits & Savings
Save on heating, cooling & electricity costs

The fewer hours per week you have to heat, cool & light your office, the more you will save. The less square footage you have to heat, cool & light, the more you save

Better collaboration and better communication can help your employees and business be more efficient and more profitable.
Communication savings

Virtual PBXs can require much smaller upfront costs than a new PBX or services from a traditional phone provider. VOIP can result in significant savings over the costs of phone service from traditional providers.

Travel cost savings
The less travel you have to reimburse those employees eligible for travel reimbursement, the greater the savings. Using web conferencing, phone conferencing, secure IM (Instant Messaging) and E-mail can cut down on both mileage and travel costs. With mileage rates, air fare and lodging costs skyrocketing, savings can be substantial. In addition to travel cost savings are important time cost savings. The time and disruption of the physical travel to the meetings where all your employees get together can distract your employees from their tasks of sales, customer service and satisfaction.
Continue to operate during disasters & emergencies
Your employees can work from home or any other location with internet access during disasters and other emergencies that might affect your main office location. During a health emergency, such as many were concerned would happen during the recent flu outbreak, home workers could continue to keep parts of your business functioning while your competition fell behind. Localized weather conditions, power outages, tornadoes and other disasters often affect relatively small areas & you are able to keep your business in operation during them rather than be shut down completely by them.

Less office space

The fewer employees you have in the office at one time, the less office space you will require to rent or own. Plus, all those other incidental costs like water for the bathrooms, water coolers and other incidentals add up for each person that uses your office on a daily basis.

Technology infrastructure savings
While home and remote offices have their own costs & benefits, there are possible savings in technology infrastructure costs for your main office. With online services and collaboration, there can be significant savings from not having to lease or purchase hardware and software. You may save on maintenance and expensive upgrades of hardware and software. You may need less extensive computer networks, servers and less IT support. You may require less bandwidth and lower phone costs per month at your main office.
Employee Satisfaction, benefits & recruitment
Many employees will see the savings in money and time of not having to travel as often to and from work as a significant benefit, especially with the spiraling gas prices. Even only working from home one or two days a week can be very rewarding to them.

For employees with children or other obligations, working from home can be a very significant consideration. Also employees may be more open to flex time arrangements where they work shorter shifts at different times other than the Monday – Friday, 9 to 5 traditional work week. You may be better able to provide enhanced hours and service to your customers during the evening, night and weekends. Employees may not perceive the safety, travel time and inconvenience issues they might have working "off hours" and shorter (or longer) shifts that might be more convenient for your customers and your business. You may be better able to recruit highly qualified and desirable "work at home" parents as employees. Or retain current valued employees that have new family situations and obligations. Happy and satisfied employees are better workers.

Working from home

Employee Benefits

Save on gas and car expenses
Gas prices always go up higher sooner or later. The less miles you travel, the less you have to pay for gas, tires, oil, tolls, parking. The less wear and tear you put on your car. You won’t NEED to purchase or lease a new car as often. Of course you might decide to use your savings for that new car.
 Saving valuable travel time to and from work
The less time you spend commuting or traveling for work, the more time you have to spend with your family and doing the things you enjoy doing. Are you paid for the time you drive or travel to and from work? Do you travel too much for work?
Being closer to your family and home
Do you have children or other family members you need to take care of? What if is there is an emergency with your children? Need to be home for your children when they get home from school? What if there is a snowstorm or other natural disaster? How long does it take to get ready for work every day?
 Having better options on flex time and hours
Would you like to have more flexible hours to help you manage your life and unexpected emergencies? Afraid of travel at night? Parking or buses and subways after hours? Is travel too expensive and the does the travel time make you hesitate to work shorter shifts, even though you would like to?
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  • InterNet Connectivity Solutions
  • Overview

    Internet Connectivity Solutions & Services

    Home Worker & Remote Office Connections

    Allow your employees working in remote offices and their own home offices to have access to and use the same tools, information & resources they would have available to them as if they were sitting and working in your main office.

    Online Collaboration

    Employees are able to share documents, spreadsheets, databases & group calendars, comment on them, and even make changes to them, no matter where they are working from.

    Virtual PBXs & VOIP

    Your customers call one number and connect to your employees located in different geographic locations. Yet to the caller, it can appear that they are all working in one location.

    Partners In Profit will assist you in the selection, design, setup, training and ongoing maintenance of your remote worker and remote office system.

    Partners In Profit provides consulting and support services to help you select, deploy and maintain your business connectivity & collaborative solutions. Solutions that will allow you to run your business effectively, even when your people are working in multiple locations.

    Working together even though you are located apart

    We will work with you to create a solution that meets your needs while working within your budget. We will strive to ensure that your remote connection solution is secure, reliable and easy to use.

    (716) 759-4429 & (772) 675-3149

  • Remote Connections

    Remote & Home Office Connections

    There are two ways you can accomplish this. Remote Control Solutions & Online Location of Resources. Partners In Profit helps you choose depending on your particular needs and your budget.

    Remote worker solution

    Remote control services and solutions

    Service providers such as Citrix (GoToMyPC) provide secure remote access to an individual PC located in your office. The user actually takes control of the PC as if they are sitting in front of it. Doing anything they normally would.

    Online location of files, software and services

    Service providers offer complete solutions including the software and secure storage of your data. It is available to your employees though a secure connection to the internet using a computer requiring only a web browser.

    There are also solutions that allow you to host and provide the solutions on your own servers and maintain it yourself. They require much higher levels of ongoing support and are often the more costly option for small & medium businesses.

    (716) 759-4429 & (772) 675-3149

  • Web Collaboration

    Online Collaboration

    Employees have the ability to share documents, comment on them, and even make changes to them, no matter where they are working from. Not just documents, but spreadsheets, databases, group calendars and more.

    Online collaboration can be as simple or a sophisticated as your needs and budget allows. It depends on your unique requirements.

    Some of the elements might include:

    • Accounting systems
    • Customer information databases
    • Online order systems
    • Document & spreadsheet sharing
    • Group calendars & scheduling
    • Online email access
    • Complete CRM systems
    • Project Management
    • Phone & web conferencing

    Partners In Profit will assist you in the selection, design, setup, training and ongoing maintenance of your online collaboration system.

    Teamwork = sucess

    We will work with you to create a solution that meets your needs while working within your budget. We will strive to ensure that your online collaboration solution is secure, reliable and easy to use. Among the advantages of online solutions is the elimination of steep upfront costs for the purchase of hardware and software. You also eliminate the costs of hardware and software upgrades.

    (716) 759-4429 & (772) 675-3149

  • PBX & VOIP

    Virtual PBX and VOIP

    Virtual PBX

    Your customers call just one number and are able to connect to your employees working in different geographic locations. Yet it will appear to the caller that you are all working in the same centralized office location, or wherever or however you choose it to appear. You can send calls to existing phone lines, even cell phones. And you can quickly and easily change where the calls go to as often as you want.


    The other piece to the complete telephone solution. While Virtual PBXs transfer calls at a much lower cost than the traditional telephone companies, it can still sometimes get costly. And while VOIP is not required for a Virtual PBX solution, if you transfer the call via the PBX’s VOIP system, the cost can be easily controlled and very affordable for even small and mid-sized businesses. Also the employee can optionally make outgoing calls at an extremely low cost per month, much lower than traditional telephone company rates. High speed broadband is required at any location where you decide to use VOIP to send or receive calls.

    Partners In Profit will help you design the complete Virtual PBX / VOIP solution to fit your needs and your budget. There are a number of options available from a number of sources. It can be as simple or sophisticated a solution as you decide will fit your needs and your budget. Call or Contact us to get started today.

    Virtual PBX phone

    (716) 759-4429 & (772) 675-3149

  • Benefits & Savings

    Benefits & Savings

    Benefits for Owners

    • Save on office heating, cooling & electricity costs
    • Less office space may be required
    • Communication cost savings
    • Travel cost savings
    • Technology infrastructure cost savings
    • Continue to operate during disasters & emergencies
    • Employee Satisfaction, benefits & recruitment
    • Efficiency

    Benefits for Employees

    • Save on gas and car expenses
    • Saving valuable travel time to and from work
    • Being closer to your family and home
    • Having better options on flex time and hours
    Benefits & Savings

    (716) 759-4429 & (772) 675-3149

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